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GMK Botanical

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Introducing our collection of cables to complement GMK Botanical from Hazzy & Omnitype.

We have created 3 different cables which we think will look very subtle against the green hues of the botanical colours.

The first two cables are jungle light and jungle dark. These have been designed with the standard key set in mind.

The third cable is designed to work with the alternate desert colourway on offer.

All 3 cables utilise push pull connectors from our friends at Weipu.

Each cable has the choice of the slightly chunkier SA1210 or its smaller brother, the SA1010. Both connectors are anodized from factory in a beautiful green which we think looks awesome.

  • 2 Metre total length
  • 15cm coil
  • USB A host
  • White heatshrink 
  • Weipu SA1210 / SA1010 5pin push pull connector 

Find out more about GMK Botanical here

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