All of our cables are built using high quality USB 2.0 specification wire. For paracord we use US made type III 550 paracord. For double sleeve options, we use techflex and MDPC-X sourced directly from the manufacturers. This is also the case for our heat shrink options. Our connector options are also sourced directly from the manufacturers.

What size and layout are custom cables?

The standard layout for our custom cables is typically, device connector to the left-hand side, the coiled section, then the inline connector (if chosen) followed by the straight length to the host device. If you would like a different layout please contact us first.

If you decide to have a coil on your cable, this will not increase the overall length. For example, if you have a 2-metre cable with a 15cm coil, the overall length will still be 2 metres including the coil.

For cables without a coil but with an inline connector we will typically place the connector 20cm from the device connection. If you would like a different placement please contact us.

I’ve seen a colour or material I’d like that isn’t listed.

Please contact us if this is the case, we always like to help create something truly unique.

Why are custom cables out of stock?

From time to time, we may decide to close the orderbook for custom cables. This is to ensure we can fulfil our current orders within the timescales we have stated. If we do decide to close the orderbook, we will make an announcement via email & our social media pages.

Collections and configured cables.

We will be offering a range of prebuilt cables in our configured section of the site. We are also working on new collections and will add them when ready. Cables found in the collection and configured sections are pre built and ready to ship. These items are dispatched within 5 working days.

How long will it take until I receive my order?

Our standard maximum build time for custom cables is 3-4 weeks.

We always allow 3-4 weeks as sometimes if we don’t have the raw materials in stock it can sometimes take up to a week or so to receive them. For example when choosing a black Lemo connector these can take up to 14 weeks for us to receive them.

If for any reason there's the possibility of a delay to your order we will contact you within 24-48 hours to notify you.

All of our cables are built in batches, don't worry if you cable is marked as being in production for a few days, it means were working on the batch your cable is in.

We are a very small team and take great care when building custom cables to ensure they are of the highest quality. Once your cable is finished it is then shipped. Depending on your chosen shipping option it may take anywhere from 2-14 business days to receive your order.


We have 2 shipping options available.

Standard shipping is carried out via Royal Mail.

When using standard shipping, if you are outside of the UK, delivery will be fulfilled using your country’s local postal service.

For domestic orders in the UK we recommend using Royal Mail shipping.

Express shipping is carried via our chosen delivery partner DHL Express. With DHL express you can usually expect to receive your order with 2-7 business days depending on your location.


Will I have to pay any customs or import charges?

Import duties, taxes and other charges are not included in the items price. Customers may expect to pay import fees when orders are shipped. Please check with your country’s customs for details about additional charges.

We are currently exploring ways to prepay these fees at the checkout so that there are no surprises when receiving your order.

Last updated: March 2021