May 2024: The current turnaround time for all cables is 4 weeks

Our orderbook is now open for 2021!

Thank you for bearing with us whilst we updated the website! 

We have listened to the feedback from our customers after asking what they wanted to see from Cablelab.

We have now added some new options to custom cable builds based on this feedback.

We are also offering 10% off all orders until 10pm GMT on Friday the 22nd Jan.

Enter code "2021" when checking out.


Additional device end cables

We have now added the option to order an additional device end by itself. We know there are many people with multiple devices with different connections, and hopefully this will allow you to have a cable for each device should you wish.

New In-line connector options

We have also added 3 new in-line connector options for builds. These are the following:

  • GX12 Connectors - These are the smaller brother of the popular GX16 connectors.


  • Mini-XLR Connectors - Available in a standard chrome finish, these are something different.


  • YC8 Connectors - These are a very subtle push pull connector in a silver finish.


Increased Techflex options
We have more than doubled our range of techflex colour options. You will now find these extra options in the drop down menu. Take a look and imagine the type of cable you can now build!
Added MDPC-X as a double sleeve option

This was without question the biggest request we had!

We have now added MDPC-X as a double sleeve option. You can now decide between Techflex or MDPC-X in the dropdown menu.

We have chosen small MDPC-X as our double sleeve size.

There is a difference when comparing Techflex and MDPC-X. The weave on each material is different. We will we be making a further post to highlight the difference when using the same colour paracord.


We recommend for our customers outside of the UK to use the DHL Express shipping option. We have noticed that given the current coronavirus situation our standard shipping option which uses Royal Mail is currently very slow worldwide.

We also want to make you aware that moving forward we may from time to time decide to close the orderbook.

This will allow us to process current orders and fulfil our build and delivery timescales. 

We have more updates coming in the next few months and are super excited for 2021.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support!

Thank you.

Ryan @ Cablelab